27 June 2009


Well I was out on a drive
On a bit of a trip
Lookin’ for thrills
To get me some kicks
Now I warn you ladies
I shoot from the hip
I was born with a stiff
Stiff upper lip
Like a dog in a howl
I bite everything
And I’m big and I’m drawl
And I’ll ball your thing
I keep a stiff upper lip
And I shoot from the hip
I keep a stiff upper lip
And I shoot
And I shoot
Shoot from the hip
Yeah I shoot from the hip
Now listen
Well I’m workin’ it out
And I’ve done everything
And I can’t reform no
Can you feel my sting
Babe I keep a stiff upper lip
And I shoot from the hip, yeah
I keep a stiff upper lip
And I shoot
And I shoot
And I shoot, shoot, shoot
Shoot from the hip
Well I’m out on the prowl
And I’ll ball your thing
I got the teeth that’ll bite you
Can you feel my sting
Babe I keep a stiff upper lip
And I shoot from the hip
I keep a stiff upper lip
And I shoot shoot shoot from the hip
I got a (stiff upper lip)
Better believe me (stiff upper lip)
Comin' down (stiff upper lip)
See my (Stiff upper lip)
Yeah I got a (stiff upper lip)
Stiff upper lip
Stiff upper lip
I got a stiff upper lip
I got a stiff upper lip
Stiff upper lip
Stiff upper lip
And I shoot
And I shoot
And I shoot
Shoot from the hip


Track Listing for the album STIFF UPPER LIP - 2000
All songs were written by Malcolm and Angus Young and the album was produced by their elder brother George.
"..I keep a stiff upper lip, and I shoot from the hip..."

Stiff Upper Lip


House Of Jazz

Hold Me Back

Safe In New York City

Can't Stand Still

Can't Stop Rock 'n Roll

Satellite Blues


Come And Get It

All Screwed Up

Give It Up

Angus Young - Lead Guitar
Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals
Malcolm Young- Rhythm Guitar
Phil Rudd- Drums
Cliff Williams - Bass


Breakin' balls, bangin' walls
Work hard and tough, and I want some rough
Unpack my bags and take a drag
When bang on nine, and dead on time
Open up the door
And lay upon the floor
She open her overcoat
Livin' out her dreams
Rippin' off my jeans
You are a ballbreaker
Engine roll, time to go
A rozorback, a hog attack
Buildin' steam, whippin' cream
She likes a fat smokin' stack
Hangin' off her legs
She threw me on the bed
Her hand went for my throat
As I began to choke
She said, honey, shoot your load
You are a ballbreaker
Wreckin' ball, let it roll
You are a ballbreaker
Buildin' steam, whippin' cream
You are a ballbreaker


(Album: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, 1976) this is the Australian album cover

"The following is a true story, only the names have
been changed to protect the guilty -
Well I left my job in my home town
And I headed for the smoke
Got a rock 'n' roll band and a fast right hand
Gonna get to the top
Nothings gonna stop us - no nothing
So if you got the money
We got the sound
You put it up and we'll put it down
If you got the dollar
We got the song
Just wanna boogie woogie all night long,
Yeh boogie
I've got holes in my shoes
I've got holes in my teeth
I've got holes in my socks
I can't get no sleep
I'm trying to make a million -
And I've got patches on the patches
On my old blue jeans
Well they used to be blue
When they used to be new
When they used to be clean -
And I've got a Mama whose a hummer
Whose keeping me alive
While I'm in the band doing drinking with the boys
She's working 9 to 5 (knows her place that woman)
Just you wait -
One of these days see me driving round town
In my rock 'n' Rolls Royce with the sun roof down
And my bottle of booze (no summer time blues)
Shouting out 'look at me'
In my rock 'n' roll voice
No it ain't no fun waiting round to be a millionaire
Hello Howard, how ya doin'
my next door neighbour
Oh Yea
Get your fuckin' jumbo jet off my airport!"


{scott, young & young} this cover was the Australian one.

Living easy, living free
Season ticket on a one-way ride
Asking nothing, leave me be
Taking everything in my stride
Don't need reason, don't need rhyme
Ain't nothing I would rather do
Going down, party time
My friends are gonna be there too
I'm on the highway to hell
No stop signs, speed limit
Nobody's gonna slow me down
Like a wheel, gonna spin it
Nobody's gonna mess me round
Hey Satan, paid my dues
Playing in a rocking band
Hey Mamma, look at me
I'm on my way to the promised land
I'm on the highway to hell
(Don't stop me)
And I'm going down, all the way down
I'm on the highway to hell


I was caught
In the middle of a railroad track (Thunder) [...of a lightning attack]
I looked round
And I knew there was no turning back (Thunder)
My mind raced
And I thought what could I do (Thunder)
And I knew
There was no help, no help from you (Thunder)
Sound of the drums
Beatin' in my heart
The thunder of guns
Tore me apart
You've been - thunderstruck


BACK IN BLACK {young & young}
I hit the sack
I've been too long I'm glad to be back [I bet you know I'm...]
Yes, I'm let loose
From the noose
That's kept me hanging about
I've been looking at the sky
'Cause it's gettin' me high
Forget the hearse 'cause I never die
I got nine lives
Cat's Eyes
Abusin' every one of them and running wild
'Cause I'm back
Yes, I'm back
Well, I'm back
Yes, I'm back
Well, I'm back, back
(Well) I'm back in black
Yes, I'm back in black
Back in the back
Of a Cadillac
Number one with a bullet, I'm a power pack
Yes, I'm in a bang
With a gang
They've got to catch me if they want me to hang
Cause I'm back on the track
And I'm beatin' the flack
Nobody's gonna get me on another rap
So look at me now
I'm just makin' my play
Don't try to push your luck, just get out of my way
Well, I'm back, Yes I'm back
Well, I'm back, Yes I'm back
Well, I'm back, back
Well I'm back in black
Yes I'm back in black
hooo yeah
Ohh yeah
Yes I am
Oooh yeah, yeah Oh yeah
Back in now
Well I'm back, I'm back
Back, I'm back
Back, I'm back
Back, I'm back
Back, I'm back
Back in black
Yes I'm back in black

24 June 2009


Interviewer.....so we move on to Riff Raff, Glasgow April 1978, live has always been your natural
environment your natural habitat but live in Glasgow tell me what that meant to you at the time
because i mean its an incredible gig an incredible performance
Angus...well we played there ever since we come around this part of the world so we had gone in and
played first time you know, we played a few small place then a done like few city hall things then we
did the Apollo and any time we played at that Apollo it was kind of wild and i suppose because Malcolm, me and Bon had the Scottish immigrant kids, having that background they sort of look at us and thought are they Scottish or what ?
Interviewer....well you left them in no doubt really with the fling thing rocker combination involving
a well full Scottish football kit which your sporting in that clip
Malcolm....well I'd just gone to an England game on the Saturday and that was the angle of the tour
manager he said get these on for your encore so we all, well Angus he's got his shorts on all night so we just strip changed and run out like a bunch of monkeys you know we were ready, i thought this could go wrong and all the bottles will come up you know but they loved it.
Interviewer.....this is at the point where you've discovered the cordless option in terms of guitar gear so tell me about that, obviously you did like to go walkabout when you had a lead suddenly your presented with the option to go wherever you wanted
Angus....wherever i could go...well it was really Mal who when we first got to America he, we were playin in this gig in New York and Mal said to me some guy had come and i was doin interviews or somethin and they had gone down and checked out the sound and stuff and Mal said oh there's a guy who's got this what do you call it, transmitter thing and he's got it down there and it sounds great and him and Cliff wanted it, they walked all outside the buildin down the street and played it you know and he was tellin me and i was a bit wary and Mal said it sounds great you can even drive over driving ramps and stuff so i said OK i'll try it so i tried it that night and it was magic, normally you'd have road crew guys feedin you like a surf life saving operation, feedin the cable to you
Malcolm....but that gig at the Apollo with his cordless
Angus ...i could go anywhere
Malcolm...there was about 2 dozen of them in front of Angus who saw no cable and they wanted a refund, they thought he was miming so the crew took em up and said hereya lads you bang that guitar and you can see for yourself
Interviewer....so they thought you were miming ?....the one thing for it i suppose is being given a cordless device you could go wherever you wanted, did it ever go wrong ?
Angus...oh yeah, in that
Malcolm....Donnington it went out a couple of times
Angus....and in New York it was that same gig they wouldn't let me, when i went out the buildin and i was gonna come round and back in where the audience was and i got to the door and of coarse the bands on stage and playin away and they' re sayin these security people well this is the guy ,well he ain't comin in here
Interviewer.....so let me get this straight ,your dressed in a full school uniform with a guitar sweating
Angus...yeah but its New York mind ya, lot of looneys out there too but they weren't lettin me in and the crew guy was sayin hey he's the guitarist and their sayin no their on the stage look ! so it ended up one of the crew guys hit the guy in the side of the head and then i could run while he scuffled with him so that's how i got back on stage
Interviewer.....so you made Highway To Hell, how did you approach that record, without a shadow of a doubt it's such a defining moment in the bands career
Angus.....well we had started in Australia ,we started with a couple of tunes together i think If You Want Blood was one of them and so there was that, and a couple of other ideas we had and then they got a hold of Mutt ,Mutt Lange and Mutt said well send us a tape of what you've got already so it was a case of we'd done most of, a lot of those tracks were done over the weekend wasn't it ?
Malcolm....2 days yeah
Angus....2 days ,well some of them we had like Highway To Hell we had pretty much together and a few of the other ones and sent them off and Lange said oh sounds good i'll work with ya so he had good ears for sound and he was meticulous about sound, gettin it right you know drums and that so he would zero in, he was brilliant in that
Interviewer.....there's one thing i noticed in your Shot Down In Flames Angus, is a radical costume change for yourself, you've abandoned the schoolboy cap and your wearing a little peaked cap like a little ticket collectors cap
Angus....yeah somebody came sent a gift from Warner's Japan and they said would i wear this for, you know they wanted to put a film clip together for the Japanese to show the Japanese so i said oh well i'll try it so it was more or less filmed for a Japanese thing and that was what they wore in school i think.
Interviewer.....did your period of mourning ,so to speak though ...did that actually influence the album in any way because obviously everyone looked at the title ,the start of the album
Angus....well yeah, it was all there we knew what we were gonna call it you know cause it was our thing for Bon ,we'd call it Back In Black .We knew all that the hell the bell, we wanted the bell and we wanted it in black you know and ah you try convincin a record company with a guy that's just passed, the front guy has just passed away you try convincing them you want an album called Back In Black and you want it black and you want this big bell in it too called Hells Bells
Malcolm....and the record company sent us a picture for it, we'd sent the album back, album cover back 6 times each week and naht naht and we told em when it becomes black it'll be right all black nothin on it, we want it embossed so you don't need white lines on it we settled in the end for a slight grey line on the side but even that we were you know, the press where goin on so the whole thing we managed to get virtually what we wanted but. Yeah we toured in the states for 6 months with Back In Black and i think it was the week we left it came in at about 189 it just hung, moved up 2 moved up 3 and by the time we finished it was around 50 in the states and then when we got to Australia about 3 weeks later it was number 1 or number 2 in the charts and we were sayin ah that must be a misprint we didn't think it was us, ah they've screwed up here but it was real so we were all chuffed about that but of course the band were all over the world in different places so it's not like we could all go and have a celebration or anythin so we thought well we'll find out when the cheque comes won't we
Angus...we're still waitin.....any day now

FAMILY JEWELS 2005....part 1

Malcolm....it was sort of picked up originally, they thought we'd be a good pop/rock type of band play a bit of rock, bit of pop yeah, that's how we ahh did start, you can see that in the attire in the early clips. When your kids you wanna get up, you'll do whatever it takes to get into, to get signed up and get on the road.We were really happy at that time if we could just work in clubs for the rest of our lives it was better than our day jobs and you could travel, so we thought if we could accomplish that just tourin around the world doin clubs, hey you've got a life you know so everythin else became a bonus after that. When Bon came into the picture 6 months later everythin, you know we had the key then to go straight to rock n roll because he can deliver it and he had his own style and he had, he influenced the band to go more into the rock n roll thing as well.
Interviewer.....It's A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock n Roll, your on a flat bed truck, Bon is playing bagpipes and then these pipers turn up as well, now that's an incredibly modern clip when you look back at it actually, how did that all come about where did the idea come from Angus.....nobody told me we was gonna be on a truck
Malcolm.... no it was when we got there...but we were on it
Angus....i was tryin to hang on to the bloody thing
Malcolm....that was the idea to get a bit of press as well, but it was a good idea and just recently we had one, Stiff Upper Lip they stuck us in a Hummer in New York, like we've done this already all this shite you know, can you come up with somethin better you know. But um that worked,{the flat bed truck idea} it really did its one of, in fact the track went to number one in Aussie and it stayed there for ages you know and its been covered tonnes of times by other artists
Interviewer.....Let There Be Rock now that's a clip that they can show and i have to say that video is particularly amusing tell me about it, its the one with ah
Angus...in a church
Interviewer...in a church, Bon is a preacher and your there as i presume choral boys although you've got a kind of halo thing on
Malcolm....we were told it was gonna be in a church and we thought this is great but we got there and
Angus...nobody had told the vicar ...nobody told the guy that owned it they just asked if we could use his church for the day and me bein dumb probably not knowin much about the world anyway i couldn't, like from the first shows we done in America you know you had these people picketing and stuff and i used to always think what are they picketing us for we don't, hadn't hurt you we just got there
Malcolm....at the end of that video with Bon on the pulpit and then he gets up on the top and then he jumps
Angus...he broke his
Malcolm...ankle when he did that, that's the last, in a way it was good because it was at the end of the video it was the last thing he had to do and off he was tramped off to hospital and we're all see ya Bon we're goin back down the studio and poor guy hes like grrrr give me some Jack Daniels for the trip to the hospital
Interviewer.....let's move onto Sin City then, the clip is from the US TV show called Midnight Special i believe and i think you performed it in 78 you went to America, how did you view going to America was it, first off let's talk about that clip first of all you were in a television environment, you'd done TV shows a million times before that but how did you view doing Sin City in 78 on American TV, was there any trepidation or was it just another day at the office how was the whole experience of doing that ?
Angus...well they told us to turn it down the first time and can we get him to stand still, yeah him the little one, can you stand still fella
Malcolm....but i think it was like the guys from Aerosmith they grabbed us straight away to support them and they were great with us and they were doing this special, Nugent, Aerosmith, Nugent i think was the compare
Angus....it was either rock night or somethin
Malcolm....just an all rock night and they just kept pushin, get these lads on they need a break come
on, a great band...then he got us on there and the first thing we noticed when we got up there was all
the techs were women everythin all the cameras, all run by women so that gives you a little bit of
inspiration for a start, i remember when we watched that they all just standin there stunned and the
crowd is like what the hell is this but at the end they explode, they've never probably seen anythin like
that especially the slow part, Bon really delivered it you know at the quiet part Bon really delivered
with his talkin stuff, the audience were all like what's this shit is this the devil, you could see they were
stunned, these were straight 9 to 5 college kids out there but at the end they went rip, we thought we were dyin up there but at the end they really went over the top...so ah it was a good night to be honest, i think its one of Bon's best you know if you could see just one performance that one there is, if not the best it's up there for him you know his attitude, he's a little bit of an actor Bon, he could really pull it off even though he wasn't an actor you could believe it because he meant to.
Interviewer....i guess the other thing about Sin City as a track, again when Bon wrote the lyrics did he have a place in mind ?
Malcolm....well he used Vegas as a platform, he had his own take on it you know, he'd rather be
shaggin the birds at the end of the night instead of losing his dough on the table you know what i
mean ? it was more again down to the sex {laughs}
Angus....we had the title to Sin City ,with Bon it was a case of getting an angle so he came with the vaguest style angle but it was from seeing the way Bon saw Vegas which was booze, babes and boogie you know so not necessarily in that order.

23 June 2009


Interviewer...when you guys played Donnington in 1991, as you recall is that the largest audience the band has ever played to ?
Angus...at that time it probably wasn't the largest but is was probably one of the most enthusiastic i think because Donnington festival at that time it was pretty, the hard rock, the big thing of Europe so you know....it certainly stands out as an event at the time.
Interviewer...and how would you compare the 91 festival to the previous ones, there is one in 81 and 84 Angus...i think this one was probably the best because the other ones, when we had first done it , in fact the first time we played Donnington i think it was just the second time they held it so it was never really looked at as being a kind of annual event,and it kind of took off from there and every year after that they had a build up, a big following and every year after that it became one of the steady stream of festivals didn't it ?
Interviewer...your fans are some of the most loyal and committed ever, how would you describe their following.
Malcolm...it's like, i don't know, like in the States but in England, football, they totally follow to Russia or anywhere, well we've got that type of following, hard core fans that save up from the end of one tour, sell their motorbikes whatever to get their cash together to go on the next world tour. A lot of times the crew guys have all put in backstage so that they don't have to buy the tickets cause their all broke halfway through the tour, we've lent a few bob out to them a few times you know just to get them through but their totally dedicated they'll starve to death for a week just to see a show, we're proud of our hard core fans.
Angus ...we share their bond. {laughs}
Interviewer...and how did the production come about for the show, is their anything special about the show.
Angus..well I'm sure there was a, well there was a huge production, camera wise i think for the filming of it that was big in fact. When i saw the stage actually going up for that cause we'd done a lot of open air shows and on that tour and it kind of looked like, every time i saw the building of it it looked like a mini hotel goin up so it was a huge production want it ?
Malcolm...yeah 21 cannons we had
Angus... couple of giant blow up things we had, big Rosie you know that big girl
Malcolm...we had thunder, thunder storm at the beginning
Angus...that's right a real one, {laughs}, that wasn't true...so we had also that big platform too to bring me out in the middle of the crowd, I'm good at gettin lost in that crowd so it helped me find my way
Malcolm...it did get lost on the way back
Angus...so we ordered 2
Interviewer...why did you decide to film it in such an extensive way
Malcolm...it was David Mallet who you know, we think is best video director come live film, you know for rock n roll music he's just got that, he's a real music fan David Mallet and he's, he would like to out do himself with a band like us each time so the budget is usually pretty fiery,the managers freak and the record labels usually freak worse but we managed there to pull off the 35mm and 20- 25 cameras, one in a helicopter and they had all sorts of, to get the permission to do that because Donnington is near a small airport ,so the police and everything were involved everyone got together for that show cause they knew it was gonna be a good one so it was excitin for us you know at the time because even it wasn't, like Angus said it's probably not, we did the show in Rio with nearly 400,000 people there so it wasn't as big as say Rio but the, being in England at the time and being Donnington the third time back and the fans had sold it out way before and the anticipation of going to do it, it was certainly , it felt like this could be a pinnacle at that time for us and it certainly came off that night the band came off, the pressure we were on, that if the band played crap there was a lot of money down the tubes so i think that helped it a lot that night it just gave us that extra surge of energy to get through to get it right
Angus ..yeah you could have gone the other way, a big show and everythin all those cameras and all that money and you get on and the last thing you want is, the audience is great everythin going well and then on comes the band and spoils it all, so you don't want that to happen {laughs}
Interviewer...were there rehearsals for this show and what were those like
Malcolm...it's not really a rehearsal is it because the stage like that is put together for that show so the guys just get up, get a feel for the stage see how big it is especially Angus goin out on the wings, the distances what to watch out for you know, this joint is not to safe here Angus so if you scoot over this bit
Angus...I've got a lot of friends but my enemies leave mine fields
Malcolm...mind you when you do a sound check there the place has got a sort of 3,000 people there workin its not really a sound check it's like a mini gig warm up
Interviewer ...is it something about David Mallets style that compliments the band that you continue to work with him
Malcolm..yeah yeah he's he used to do um a TV show here as well while he was doin videos he was always into this old TV show called St Trinians, movies they made back in the late 50s early 60s all the kids used to love and he loved all the school girls gettin up to all the naughty things in life so when he first got together with us and saw Angus in his school boys uniform it was a partnership made in heaven you know he just liked workin with the school boy thing
Angus...Brittany wasn't invented then
Malcolm...but that was his intital thing but once he got into the music and the band as well, there was a lot of rock n roll sex and everythin else that comes with it, he just loved it he always loved workin with us guys it wasn't serious work with us guys, he sparkled when he worked with us on Donnington his excitement made you feel this is gonna be unbelievable. the filming we saw , he pulled it off big time
Angus ...he's done a few things like that with us over the years, film and stuff ,especially an out door thing which is a hard thing to do when you think , you got all the elements against you , weather, is that gonna be good and you put that in the combination with all the different things, staging and everything, lighting, cameras and you always as Malcolm says he gets real excited he's more excited than anyone runnin around and i think that's what gives him his big kick when he's doin it ...he should wear the school suit actually
Interviewer....what goes into the decision making process for a set list for a show as large as Donnington, how do you choose the songs.
Angus....well you have to, being who we are we got a big album collection so we try to...you know that you gotta try and play ones that you know , the favourites and then you kinda every now and then play something, a few songs you mighten have done before and pull something out of the hat you know and um but i would say that the bulk of ...especially at that Donnington show you try to do a few of your current songs of that time and a lot of your older tracks that they know, i mean you couldn't play a show like Donnington show without playing songs like Whole Lotta Rosie and Hell ain't a Bad Place To Be or then again you couldn't walk away without playing Back in Black or Shoot To Thrill or
Malcolm....TNT or For Those About To Rock
Angus...there's some things you've gotta get out there you cant escape you gotta play em
Interviewer.....do you feed off the energy of the crowd ?
Malcolm....if their not movin
Angus....they become like crocodiles don't they, they gonna snap your head off
Malcolm....that's the whole burst it gives you that, it's when their up it becomes a complete thing, the band ride on it, if their on a wave then you know it's gettin, some nights if there's...playin different venues and the sound may take 3 to 4 songs to get the sound out front, we've gotta make adjustments sometimes but once their all up and part of it at the same time the band is like on a surf board catchin a great wave it's ...your just goin on for the ride then
Angus....and you go with them and its something to see when their doin it because sometimes their louder than you they make more noise than you we can just go into cruise control
Malcolm....yeah the confidence in everything rather than just the nerves and it's just shear pleasure
Angus...if i can keep my pants on {laughs}
Malcolm.....well for halfway through the show anyway
Interviewer.....do you have a favourite Brian moment from the show ?
Angus....a favourite Brian moment
Malcolm....like his bell, he likes gettin up on his bell that's usually where he can show off his skills..he used to be a paratrooper in his like teens i think he joined the services for a few years
Angus....till he learned he had to fall out of aeroplanes {both laughing} and confidently
Malcolm....but he likes swingin on that bell
Interviewer.....is there a favourite Cliff moment
Angus....Cliff, Cliff's always pretty quiet isn't he ?
Malcolm....yeah, its good seein him rockin though when he's...he stands back a lot like i do as well but he's ...you can tell when he's havin a great time, you'll see him between his hair when he comes over the stage and he's got a big grin on his face and that's about the highlight of Cliff on stage but when he's got that grin he's lovin it you know it's just another piece of the five where every ones havin a great time and your just lovin it instead of lets just get there, you've gotten...the kids are all happy everyone just becomes more relaxed with it all, i don't mean laid back but the energy increases but you don't feel the pain {laughs} its magic really when you see everything locked in, everyone having a great time on stage and that's what happened at Donnington. There were a few songs to settle down, pressure was on but i think by that 3rd song we were just we were on that wave then
Interviewer.....Mal do you have a favourite moment of Angus ?
Malcolm....of Angus ? well there's a lot....i always like the endings you know when he gets up and does the one arm stuff some nights it just sounds like it's biblical {laughs}
Angus....and on other nights you just wish he wasn't there {laughs}
Malcolm....nah its the way the light hits him instead of the devil he comes across more as a little angel you know what i mean ? I've seen people with tears in their eyes watching it
Angus....that's the ones that want the refund {laughing}
Malcolm....maybe {laughing}
Angus.....hold on I'll be right there {laughing}
Interviewer.....and Angus do you have a favourite moment of Malcolm from that show ?
Angus....Mal ? ah there's tons of moments, i just like watchin his plectrums get chewed up, especially at the end because its a bit like a buzz saw, for those about to rock especially at the end with the cannons going off cause we're doin it in cues and they're waiting on my cue and watching what I'm doing and where i am on the stage and you can just see his hand goin his right hand and you can just see the plectrums it's like dust coming off and you can see all around his feet all these dead plectrums , they've gone to plectrum heaven {laughing}
Malcolm.....hell [laughing}
Angus...that's right or hell whatever {laughing}
Interviewer.....and Donnington 91 performance was in the midst of the razors edge world tour um what do you recall most about the making of that album and performing the songs such as thunderstruck live
Angus... well it was probably an album, i always remember the build up of that track thunderstruck from that album it kinda was a track that each time you looked there was something new added like ah it wasn't a short process, song started as a basic a little guitar diddle i had on acoustic guitar and then Malcolm he listened to it and said well we'll try this rhythm here and it kind of built it was the kind of song that went along each time and , i remember at the time being in Canada and saying well I'm going home for a week and when i came back they'd added even more things on it, i was really impressed when i come in and i could hear all this big chant going on and i said where did that come from but it just sounded so cool hearin this big thunder cause Mal says i don't know if you'll like this, we added this while you ,you gone and the next thing you know he says we've got another little chant goin on, we'd had that idea from the beginning just this other little chant, when all of that was all added and you heard it all in the end you went what a track cause it wasn't a normal kind of track, you know this slow thing with the guitar then the rhythm comes in and the bass and the drums then the vocals comes in and it kind of builds all the way along then when the band comes in you've got this big thunderstruck
Interviewer.....during Money Talks you would propel millions of ac/dc bucks or Angus bucks into the crowd
Angus.....that's right...very good currency
Interviewer...did you ever think that currency should have been adopted in Europe instead of the euro
Malcolm......they were talkin about that, i think it was Alvin our business manager over there, he said Mal these dollars are worth more than the euro are they're worth more value $10 on the street for one {laughing}
Interviewer....and following Donnington you head lined a show at tushino airfield in Russia, it was reported one million plus people how did performing at this massive festival compare to Donnington ?
Malcolm....well that was different
Angus....it was certainly different
Malcolm.....cause that was sort of historical in a real way it more than them changin over from communism to their freedom their democracy you know
Malcolm....and we were there within a week
Angus....and what better capitalists to call on
Malcolm.....but that was a free show, everyone just felt honored to be in Moscow you know and that show you were playing to people who'd never seen anything like a live show never mind, they might have seen an Elton John in the past you know they'd already seen the weird ones over there but they'd never really seen a hard core big big show and they put things like Disney no not Disney Warner bros cartoons on there


Woman's voice....here is ac/dc, the J File
Rod...g'day this is Rod of St Kilda in Melbourne, the best ac/dc song is Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap simply because it's got a great riff in it and the lyrics are supurb.
Col....it's Col here, interstate truck driver and it's just good ole Aussie original rock n roll and it makes me want to drive.
Man...a song that not many people would know, Soul Stripper, if you know the song you'll know what i mean it's a brilliant song you could'nt go past it.
Voice Over....ac/dc's roots lie in 2 Scottish families the Scott's and the Young's. Angus and Malcolm Young were introduced to rock n roll by their older brother George who became an international star in the 1960's as lead guitarist with the Easy Beats. Malcolm was the first brother to start playing with a couple of garage bands and in 1971 he joined the Velvet Underground, a Newcastle band. Angus left school at 15 and started jamming with friends and practicing at home. It wasnt until 1973 that Angus and Malcolm played on some of George's demos that the spark first flickered. Malcolm was uninspired by the recording process and wanted to form a real rock n roll band. It was Margaret their sister who gave Malcolm and Angus two valuable suggestions, that they name themselves ac/dc after a warning label she saw on her sewing machine and that Angus should wear his school uniform on stage.
Angus....cause when i used to come home from school i would come in the door and before my mum could grab me to go to the shops or my old man could ask me if i had been at school, i used to run and grab my guitar and out the door, my sister said it would be great if you kept that school suit.
Voice Over....ac/dc's debut came on New Years Eve 1973 at a party at Sydney's Chequers night club
Dave Evans...Malcolm Young got a few guys together and Angus and said lets play for New Years Eve and it worked pretty well so we ah yeah took it seriously.
Voice Over ...the band started touring and released their first single Can I Sit Next To You Girl with Dave Evans on vocals. Ac/dc's first year was full of hard touring and line up changes as they honed their legendary stage act.
Interviewer...you claimed it was an accident when one day you tripped over a wire or something is that right ?
Angus...yeah tripped over a lead, fell on me knees so i thought aw people thought i was a fucking idiot so i started bobbin around on the ground.
Voice Over....In 1974 Bon Scott was at a loose end in Adelaide he was 28 and recovering from a serious motorbike accident. Growing up in Perth he'd been a singer in a bubblegum rock band the Valentines in the mid 60's. Bon was singing for an art rock band called Fraternity when he went to see ac/dc play . Malcolm and Angus were concerned that ac/dc were turning into a glam band and were quietly looking for a hard rock singer. Bon was invited to a private jam session, put on a fine show but turned down their offer. Several weeks later a phone call came from Perth, Dave Evans was sick, Bon changed his mind and became ac/dc's singer when the band returned to Adelaide in September 1974. after 6 weeks on the road together ac/dc's first album High Voltage was recorded between gigs in 10 ten days at Albert Studios in Sydney. It was released in February of 1975 and as raw as it was the first single Baby Please Dont Go charted. In 1975 the line up settled down with Phil Rudd on drums and Mark Evans on bass.The band were living up to their hard rocking reputation while playing non stop. Sex was pretty and plentiful and Bon Scott could drink like a demon after 10 years in the business but it didnt stop there. After his first gig with ac/dc he suffered a heroin overdose in Melbourne as well as being attacked by an angry father after being caught sleeping with his 17 year old girl. In July 1975 ac/dc were back in the studio to record their second album TNT.Between sessions Bon and Angus visited the JJ Studios for a chat with George Wayne.
George...can you guys introduce yourselves
Angus..ah Angus Young.
George...are you the guy who goes mad on stage Angus
Angus...yeah i'm the guy
George...do you find that , that detracts from your act Bon ?
Bon...oh no, it's all sort of thrown in together it's the over all thing, there's no sort of... look pal its my act i'm the singer give us a bit of floor space, if you want floor space you gotta make it yourself you know.
Voice Over....in late 75 there was interest building in Europe and America as the first single was released in Australia from that long awaited album {It's a Long Way To The Top, plays} It's a Long Way To The Top peaked at number 9 in January, meanwhile the band were busy recording Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap an album that would be put on hold. In April ac/dc arrived in London in the middle of the summer of punk.
Angus....their not punk their just shite, they can't play ,they can't sing you know they haven't got nothin really goin for them except the visual thing
Voice Over....punk is not the image that the band wanted and they set the record straight with their first few gigs.
Angus... the very first gig was in a pub in a place in Hammersmith called the Red Cow ,very small place, went in there and there was only about 50 people and we thought ah we'll shit it in. We had a break, we had to do 2 sets and in between that break they went and got all their mates and rang them all up and the place was packed.
Bon...the next night the crowd would turn up and the second, all their friends again and the third night it was screamin.
Voice Over...after the UK they took on Europe, scoring support on Richie Blackmore's rainbow tour. what struck the most was the liberal attidudes towards nudity sex and prostitutuion.
Angus....cause you know over here you always get someone gettin busted, the sex shops and that, well over there it was like all on display you know ? it really sort of makes you feel at home because you are in your own environment you know this is the thing we live for you know sex and you see it all plastered in shops, it was just like christmas shopping, going in all these shops like Dr Meullers sex shop you know and they got the works they got the leather whips.
Bon...we had a funny night in a club there one night, there were all these acts happening on stage and all of a sudden Phil nudged me and said look at that bloke down there and there's a bloke in the next seat nude pullin himself you know and i said oh yeah fair enough you gotta go up on something i guess you know and then this chick walks out and takes this cloak off and she's nude too and they gets on this round table and he starts shaggin her on the table and the table starts risin about 10 foot in the air you know it's a phuematic table you know and that was part of the show.
George.... this sex thing being such a vital part of your image doesnt it give you a lot to live up to when you come off stage ? you've managed to handle that Angus ?
Angus...i sure have, that's the best part if i could fit it on stage i'd get it on there too .
Voice Over...as their reputation spread the police in England started paying more attention to their live shows.
Angus...for about 12 shows running in a row we had the English vice squad folloing us up and down the country, yeah. It started off in Birmingham where i took off me clothes and all the people said turn around so what the people wanted, what can you do but turn around you know, unfortunatley i was accused of masturbating on stage i would of if i could've you know. {laughs}
Voice Over ...the original plan was for them to tour America next but there was visa problems clearing previous criminal convictions. While the paper work was sorted out ac/dc returned to Australia in November 76 for a national tour to promote Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. It was to be their last Aussie tour for a long time. Because of the bands act in Europe had fuelled a back lash in Albury the tour program was banned from sale because of one four letter word. Gigs in Wollongong and Canberra were supervised by the police, conditional that Angus didnt pull his pants down. The Mayor of Tamworth refused them permission to play and even the general manager of rock station 2SM was quoted as saying ac/dc must decide whether they are strippers or musicans.
George...on double J ac/dc are in the studio and Angus just before you leave i think you'll have to give us an audio treat, we're pretty, everyone else cant see you.
Bon...its lucky they cant see us {laughing} but they will !
George...this is part of whats, why the stage act is so controversaial ..ok lets have it
Bon...oh you'd like what ? Angus !
Angus ...get set, ready.... go !!
Bon and George laughing...oh god look at that, get it back up awwww
Voice Over...in January 1977 the band were back in the studios to record Let There Be Rock and then left the country.
Angus...it was probably the first time ac/dc got to use the guitar, it was our first top 20 album here and in Britain and also through Europe and in America, it opened the door for us.
Voice Over...after a personaility clash between Angus and bass player Mark they hired Cliff Williams. ac/dc were making an international name for themselves while back home their singles were barely charting .
Ed Shocky...good evening ladies and gentlemen i'm Ed Shocky welcoming you all to the world famous Atlantic recording studios in New York city in the first of a series of live radio concerts please welcome ac/dc
Bon...in a big city like New York this happens all the time and this song is all about it, its called Dog Eat Dog.
Man...and here i see this little guy run all over the stage doing Chuck Berry better than Chuck Berry could do em and you know the songs and everything and i hate to say it but i became a fan .
Voice Over ....in 1978 there was Powerage and the live album If You Want Blood You've Got It.In 1979 Atlantic ac/dc's american record company were getting impatient they felt ac/dc needed a more polished sound and insisted that the next album be recorded and produced in Miami.
Malcolm...we more or less got forced.
Voice Over...they went along with it for awhile then skipped to England and made the album their way.
Bon...we worked in this rehearsal studio, got them all together, took em into their Round House studios and put them down in about 2 weeks.
Voice Over...the name Highway to Hell was how Angus had discribed their previous American tour.
Woman on Phone....hello Bon where are you now ?
Bon...we're in Reno Nevada
Woman...and you just started your head lining tour of the states
Bon...yeah well the first night was San Francisco
Woman...how did it go ?
Woman...you like being on the road all the time
Malcolm...ah you get used to it
Woman...is it glamourous ?
Bon...bloody hell, what do you think i do it for the money or the music or what, i just do it for the glamour the glamour, the women and the whiskey, what else is there in life, no that's it .
{the boys sing Macho Man in the background}
Woman Reporter....Bon Scott was discovered last night in the car, he'd been left there by a friend who had figured he would sober up after a days drinking if he were left in the car for awhile. The Scotland Yard spokesman said specifically there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Bon Scott's death.
Girl....well everybodies really shocked and ah they were in pre production in London at the time for their forth coming Atlantic album so things have been put on hold for awhile, everybodies really shocked and the band will continue there's no doubt about that.
Man ...taken to South London where he was declared dead on arrival. A post mortum will be carried out later today to establish the cause of death but police say they dont suspect foul play, they also believe there were no drugs involved.
Voice Over...Bon was cremated 10 days later in Fremantle, an event that was barely recorded in Australian media. Several days later Bon's friends recieved xmas cards 2 months late, he'd forgotten to pay the correct postage. Malcolm and Angus wanted ac/dc to go on, everyone said Bon would have wanted it that way so they started looking for a new singer. A fourteen year old fan from Cleveland Ohio sent a suggestion in the mail, Brian Johnson from the band Geordie. The Scotsman with the jackhammer lungs was located working in a garage in Newcastle Scotland, he was auditioned and hired on the spot.
Brian...the first gig we ever did togheter was in Belguim and these guys had big banners of Bon with Welcome Brian good luck, it was a wonderful introduction to big time that i didnt expect.
Voice Over...in April the band went to the Bahamas to record Back In Black a tribute album. Bon had already written songs but they were abandoned as a sign of respect. In July 1980 with an all black cover, Back In Black was released and became the highest selling heavy metal album of its time
DJ....i can remeber from the gig you did up here in Brisbane for the Back In Black album and had the big bell and you tied pineapples to it ,you remember that ?
Brian...i canna remember much about the early 80's at all mate, anyway but i remember the first gigs in Australia were magic for me, you know they still missed Bon, he was a national hero there you know,he still is and rightly so.
Voice Over.....In 1981 Dirty Deeds was finally released in America and started out selling Back In Black for a time, ac/dc were becoming super stars. In late 1981 they finished For Those About To Rock and after a world tour lasting almost a year they recorded Flip Of The Switch and drummer Phil Rudd left the band exhausted. Simon Wright was the drummer on the next 3 albums 1985's Fly On The Wall, Who Made Who, 1986 Blow Up Your Video in 1988.
Angus ...we toured most of the year in 1988 and then we had a break for a year but we had to write new songs for Razors Edge.
Voice Over...veteran drummer Chris Slade slipped in for the next album Razors Edge in 1990 and the 1992 live album.
Brian...it was 5 years since the last studio album but then we went on tour for 2 years you know, had a couple of months off then met up with big Arnie Swarzneggar and did a video then we met last year, we had 8 months off, i think its our longest break we've ever had you know. { Phil Rudd rejoined them for the much anticipated Ball Breaker album}
Brian...it was almost like he'd never been away, it was real spooky man. I canna quiet discribe it i just sat down and went jesus where did the last 10 years go ?
Voice Over...1995 saw a revival for ac/dc, a tribute album Fuse Box was complied in Australia with new Aussie bands recording their favourite songs. In 1997 ac/dc fans eagerly greeted the release of Bonfire a 4 cd box set that featured a collection of live trackes and rare recordings dating mainly from the days when Bon Scott fronted the group.Soon after an overseas tribute album followed in the footsteps of Fuse Box titled Thunderbolt and included versions by Anthrax, Quiet Right and members of Raff, Skid Row and Motorhead. Early in 2000 ac/dc broke the news of its first studio album in 5 years, Stiff Upper Lip. produced by George Young and recorded in Canada at the Vancouver studio owned by Bryan Adams .
Brian....and George is brilliant, he's me hero, he's ah you can go up to him and say me dicks dropped off and he's say well nobodies here lets have a look for it together {laughs} but the main reason is he knows rock n roll man.
Voice Over...the album's release in February also marked 20 years since the death of Bon Scott.
Brian.....people said isnt that marvellous that your releasing the album at the time of his death and i said well i thought it was accidental unless Bon planned it ...thats the kind of shit he would pull you know what i mean ? {laughs}
Voice Over...like Ball Breaker it went top ten in the bill board charts in the U.S as well as here {Australia} it was discribed by fans as the groups strongest in years.Rumours of it being the bands swan song had resurfaced, again the band denies its there last gig. Bon Scott's cremated remains still lie under gum trees in Fremantle.
Fremantle Cemetary...when the American ships are in or any of the overseas ships are around then lots of people come, they put flowers there, they also play music, they sit round there and meditate to his memorial but they also sometimes drink which is illegal in the cemetary and we have to stop that.
Voice Over....and there's no greater tribute than this from Silverchairs Daniel Johns.
DJ...do you feel like your now opening doors for other bands to follow overseas ?
Daniel.....no i think ac/dc opened the doors, we're just tryin to get in them. AMEN DANIEL !

21 June 2009


Voice Over....While AC/DC's popularity skyrocked Bon Scott's old friends and contemparies were watching with great interest as he performed around Australia with his new band, the singer was now well and truly a showman.
Maria....Bon yelled his little heart out as he always did and the place was jumping and everybody was really happy and maybe because i was with my husband or maybe because i was with my friends i didnt take the usual posse that i used to have when i was his girlfriend, i stood right at the back and watched the band and for me it was just, i had tears streaming down my face because i was so excited for him i could just see that he was gonna make it and i could just see that it was gonna be sensational for him and his whole dream was gonna come true and of coarse it did.
Johnny Young ....We were all so proud of his success because we always had that feeling that he would do something spectacular.
Glenn Shorrock...That was Bon stripped off ready to go on stage shoving a sock full of sand down the front of his pants, Hi mate how you doing he said grinning at me with the missing tooth with this wicked gleam in his eye, i said what are you doin man, aw he said the chicks love it, zipped it up and off he went on stage true !
Voice Over....AC/DC's constant touring was earning the respect and lifelong support of fans across the country the band played in Bon Scott's home town Perth in February 1977, it was to be his last offical Australian performance.
Doug Thorncroft....I wasnt actually allowed to go to the concert so mum knew that if she didnt take me down there i'd sneak out anyway and get in to the gig, i was only 11 so i was pretty passionate at that point in time so they took me down to the pedestrian bridge in North Bridge and we stood on there and listened to the AC/DC concert and i think we probably heard it better than most people inside because it was loud out there.
Voice Over....Today Doug Thorncroft is working hard to insure Bon Scott's contribution to music is recognised. Along with being a dedicated Bon Scott fan and memoribilla collector he now runs the the WA Bon Scott AC/DC fan club.
Doug....I've always been collecting gear of Bon Scott and AC/DC and that part of it i suppose is an obsession but the music stuff side of it is just my passion for um that style of music. Back in the 70's and 80's we had a lot of great music coming out of Australia and out of AC/DC.
Glenn A Baker....They were ahead of their time, what AC/DC were doing in the mid seventies and doing with vast success would be what most Australian band's would be doing in the late seventies and early eighties but all those bands that were coming along at the end of the 70s were becoming the new heirachy of Australian music, all in a way owe a debt to what Bon and AC/DC had done a few years before.
Brian Cadd....I lived in America for a long time and for the last dozen or so years that i lived there AC/DC were the biggest hard rock band in the world and when they played America it was like the second coming and i dont think Australian's truly realised how absolutely enormous they are everywhere in the world.
Voice Over....As AC/DC switched there attention to making their mark over seas the band was spending less and less time in Australia but Bon Scott always kept in touch with his friends sending them letters and photos on a regular basis.
Maria....Even when i got married and had children he would write to me,always wrote.
Pat...He was a really good letter writer you know, he told a story in every one, he sent me some good cards and stuff like that.
Maria....probably used letter writing more than he used the telephone.
Pat....and that was sort of the highlight every few months we'd get this letter from like Germany or somewhere in Scandinavia and they'd all be really funny stories not that i can mention a lot on television but especially the Scandinavian ones.
Ted....The photo was of Bon lying on a motel bed, his shirt off, hairy chest exsposed surrounded by a couple of his female fans, a bottle of bourbon or scotch, whatever it was, in the hand and the caption on the bottom of the photos was " here i am living the rock n roll life".and i thought that was a good touch.
Glenn A Baker.....All the things that came with being a rock star in the seventies, he took advantage of everything, Bon was not slow in coming forward for any of the delights that were on offer for being a seventies rock star i can promise you that.
Di Bailey....Bon always played hard right from day one, you know the ,sex and drugs and rock n roll was bon
Maria....When Bon became the singer with AC/DC and when he came home to talk with us there was definalty 2 different people if you were to look at Bon as a person to see if there was a difference between the 2 i think at the end there was this crossover from Bonnie from Fremantle and Bon from AC/DC, the 2 edges were fussed a little.


Voice Over.....AC/DC's bass player at the time was the just married Rob Bailey, his wife Di toured with the band.
Di Bailey....and Bon would come along and he would always be there watching and he quickly became good friends with the band and namely Malcolm, they became good mates and ah next i knew they wanted a new singer and so they were tossing different names around i vaguely remember John Paul Young being one of them and a couple of others.
Ted Gannon....and Vince Lovegrove at the time organised a jam session if you like with Angus and Malcolm Young from AC/DC and Bon and a few other people, interestingly enough Johnny, John Swan was playing the drums that time in that particular session and it went for 3 or 4 hours in the afternoon on a Sunday afternoon and it was mainly, we found out later on to see if Bon would click with Angus and Malcolm from AC/DC with the obvious intention of asking Bon to join the band.
Di Bailey.....and the decision was made, they wanted Bon Scott.
Bon sings High Voltage
Fifa....The very first time i saw Bon or met Bon was when he actually got up to peform with the band really for the first time.
Voice Over....Guided by one of Australia's most talented production teams in Harry Vanda and George Young, AC/DC secured a record deal with Albert Productions, Fifa Riccobonno was label manager at the time.
Fifa....This guy came out in pink satin or red satin bib and brace with a tooth missing and a sharks tooth around his neck and i just looked at him and i thought oh my god but he started to sing and he was just incredible, he didn't know the words to most of the songs so he ad libbed quiet a bit but by the end of the night there was no doubt that he very much suited the band, for the first time it really felt like there was a magic element and the band was a unit and the guys, as in typical AC/DC fashion just gave it their all and put on a great show.
Pat Pickett {roadie}....Angus and Malcolm would'nt stop playin if they broke a string and it was great cause they were so small i could stand behind them and change it while they were playin and ah a lot of people don't believe it but its true.
Voice Over....Pat Pickett met Bon Scott when the singer was with Fraternity, the two became firm friends and later shared a house , Pickett became a key member of AC/DC's Austrailian touring crew and recalls seeing the bands potential straight away.
Pat...You know the main focus was the work and the shows, i mean anyone who was involved with that band at the time who didn't think they were goin to go somewhere needed to see a phychiatrist real quick.
Phillip Morris....the main difference i noticed between Dave and Bon was that the band seemed to move,collaborate better with Bon, his voice was much stronger, his voice was very powerful and his presence was more dynamic.
Russell Morris.....If someone had of said to me at that stage give us ah $10,000 and you can have 50% of the royalties of AC/DC for the next 10 years i probably would have reneged and said nah i dont think its gonna work , shows how much i know !
Fifa....When Bon joined the band it was a really easy situation for all of them, the guys really looked up to him because he had a lot of experience that they didnt have and they listened to a lot of things he had to say but he also loved their youth and their energy and he loved the song writing that went on between him, Malcolm and Angus.
Pat....they were'nt foolin around, they were goin somewhere and with Bon basically it was his last chance.
Fifa....Bon was really the front man but then Angus developed a little bit more and came up and became the real show man with the guitar playing and they really complimented each other in a way that yes, over the years got bigger and better.
Di.....To me now looking back, AC/DC were not really AC/DCc until Bon joined that band, he made it the raw rock band that it is today.
Johnny Young....I think Bon Scott was a fantastic entertainer and he was aware of it, he knew what to do on stage, he knew he had sex appeal.
Glenn Shorrock....Bon was a madman, when i say madman, relitively, he'd take his top off straight away, halfway through the first song he's have his shirt off showing his tatts for all the girls.
Phillip Morris...i used to be running all over the stage, it was hard work but you knew you were getting some great shots.
Fifa....he had such an ease on stage, he just had a way with the audience.
Glenn Shorrock....Bon was a good singer, he was, he had the jist of it as i call it, he knew his way around a song he could belt it out when he wanted to but he could also sing very lyrically, you know he was a celt he was a Scotsman, that lilty voice it was natural to him.
Johnny Young...he actually gave all of himself whenever he was performing
Glenn A Baker....He'd learnt how to be a performer and went finally out to the front of this really tough band and also involved in the song writing, he was able to create this persona that was absolutly irrisitable.
Pat....The band were high to do the opening of the new Myer Miss shop and it was supposedly every lunch time for 5 days, anyway they expected 7 to 900 kids, whatever it was and all that, i dont know how many turned up i think it was 7 to 10,000, it was something ridiculous, anyway to cut a fairly long story short the band didn't even get through the intro of the first song, these kids charged us and it was sort of terrifying we had to run through the change rooms, out the back, i don't know where the other guys split off to but Bon and i ended up out on elizabeth St in the city and you can catch a tram there back to North Melbourne where we were staying, at Freeway Gardens so we've just jumped on this bread and jam and the next thing, i think we get to the corner of Russell Street and there's all these school girls and they see us and get on the tram and all paid so they cant kick em off the tram and they start tearin us to bits and it was freaky as and we're goin how are we gonna get out of this you know ?.


Ted Gannon....We were one of the very first bands who ever left Perth and went to the Eastern states to try and make a go of it.
Maria....and then of coarse they started doing all the gigs around and ended up winning the Battle Of The Bands there and started to grow and grow and grow and got very big as the Valentines over there.
Glenn Shorrock....That's why i was very impressed with this, these guys have got 2 lead singers like we have and their dressed as girls.
Brian Cadd....On they came on stage and they were wearing this absolutely brilliant yellow band uniform they looked like fluffy ducks, they were fantastic.
Russell Morris.....I first met Bon because we were usually on the same shows and ah they, all these guys turned up in very bright clothes with sort of see thru sleeves on their shirts and they were a great bunch of guys and i happened to notice Bon's arms where he had all these tattoos, he had make up on his arms to hide the tatts because he did'nt want to frighten the young girls.
Glenn Shorrock....Bon was the guy, if you wanted a good time you called Bon.
Brian Cadd....He was'nt a guy who was anything other than ultra social so all the times we ever spent with him we spent out drinkin and hangin out and rocking you know.
Ted Gannon.....We reached not the very top of Australian music but we got fairly close, did some major tours and we recorded some music and i thought we did pretty well at the time but then we all went our own ways and Bon ended up joining Levi Smith Clash who eventually became Fraternity.
Maria....Bon and i split up when we were in Melbourne, we split up a number of times and one of the occassions was around Christmas time and on Christmas eve i went out somewhere to make sure i was occupied because the dreaded day was coming and when i got home from wherever i had been and let myself into my flat i realised some one had been in there and under the Xmas tree there was this fantastic picture of this girl with long blonde hair and big eyes which was supposed to be me, and Bon had broken into the flat and left me a Xmas present and then just disappeared......he wanted to be somebody/something so whether it was a Lawyer or Accountant or whatever, his talent was in music and the top of that tree is to be a pop star, so he was working his way through life gaining whatever he needed to get to that status.
Voice Over....Shortly after the Valentines split up in August 1970 Bon Scott's career dramatically changed direction when he joined Fraternity, a folk band with a distinctly hippy flavour.
Glenn A Baker.....He started out his career being this gossamered, pastel shaded pop idol and you turned around and suddenly he's in the Adelaide Hills with brown rice and sandals, long hair, playing a recorder { Bon sing's Season's Of Change}
Glenn Shorrock.....Adelaide had spawned this band called Fraternity which was a mixture of folk rock and you know they were mountain men basically, they were very much a hill billy type band and Bon was singing with them which suited him more than anything, i liked his vocal work in that band much more than i did with AC/DC.
Voice Over....From the early 1970's on rock photographer Phillip Morris shot some unforgettable images of Bon Scott in full flight.
Phillip Morris.....I first met Bon when he was with Fraternity, Go Set were doing an article, A Day In The Life Of Fraternity so i went to their house where they were living at the time in Sydney, in Woolahra and Bon suggested why don't we go to Centennial Park and kick the football around.
Glenn A Baker.....Fraternity were destined to never sell a lot of records, they were destined to never really have hit singles or be a pop band, i mean you only had to take one look at them, they were not going to be on any girls bedroom wall, this was not a pin up band.
Phillip Morris....Bon was more serious and quiet in Fraternity, they were more a musicians band so they, when they were playing live even Bon would just stand there on the recorder.
Brian Cadd.....He found probably the closest he was gonna find to the true music that i think he really truly loved.
Glenn A Baker....There was great players in the band, there was wonderful integrity in the band, i mean these guys took what they did very seriously and i dont think they actually cared a lot as to whether they became a sensation or sold lots and lots of records.
Voice Over.....While critically acclaimed Fraternity's recording's didn't sell and after an unsuccessful tour of the UK the band folded in late 1973. Meantime in Sydney a new band was rehearsing. led by singer Dave Evans and featuring brothers Malcolm and Angus Young on dualing guitars, the very shiny AC/DC looked like they were about to launch head long into glam rock.
Phillip Morris.....Dave Evan was the singer and he had some crazy clothes on, the knee high boots and he'd be jumping around but the guitarist's Angus and Malcolm were really really good, really tight guitarist and i thought ah this band is good.